Effective Voice Projection

Many academics have never received voice coaching and yet use their voice professionally almost every day. It is not unusual for them to experience discomfort or a weakening of their voice after a long lecture. Sometimes students complain that they are not clear or loud enough or that they speak in a monotone.

Through workshops, coaching or a combination of the two we can help them to discover their true voice and develop it to maximise it’s impact.

Typically we cover areas such as –

  • Physiology – Understanding how and why you sound the way you do.
  • Preventing and curing vocal strain.
  • Resonance – The effect of different areas of resonance on the listener and techniques for developing it.
  • The effective use of pause, stress, rhythm and inflection.
  • Relaxation, breathing and voice projection exercises.
  • Articulation and Speech clarity

If members of staff at your university are interested in a voice projection training course, contact Talking Shop today for courses in Leeds, London, Manchester and the rest of the UK.