English Pronunciation

As a workshop or coaching we explore techniques used by actors to change their accent. We practise Received Pronunciation, often referred to as Standard English or BBC newsreaders English, for an enhanced clarity of speech. The intention is not to change your accent dramatically but to help build a technique to enable you to adjust your accent when it would be helpful.

The aim of this course is to enable you to incorporate clear English pronunciation into your everyday speech, building clarity where necessary while maintaining positive aspects of your natural accent.

We typically coverĀ –

  • How and why we sound the way we do
  • Understand the similarities and differences of English and other accents
  • Work on rhythm, stress and inflection
  • Practise Received Pronunciation vowel sounds and consonants.
  • Take part in exercises for relaxation, breathing and resonance placement
  • Work with phonetic symbols and sounds

If you would like to run an English Pronunciation course for staff at your university, contact Talking Shop. We cover Manchester, Leeds, London and the rest of the UK. Speak to us today!