Recruitment and Selection

Recruiting staff can be an expensive and time-consuming activity. Get it wrong and it can be very costly indeed. Get it right and your organisation will prosper.

We will work with your staff to ensure the interview process is as enjoyable, productive and effective as possible.

The workshops can cover two areas and be taken as one or separately depending on what you need.

The process – This part is lead by an employment law expert and trainer. You will gain an understanding of the up to date legal requirements that affect recruitment and selection. Employment law is continually changing and it’s essential that you are up to date.

The interview – This part is lead by experienced actor / facilitators and covers areas such as questioning, listening, setting the right environment, panel interviewing and aspects of communication skills. Through the use of forum theatre, conventional training methods and practice, your staff will develop the skills to hold an effective interview with confidence.

If you would like to run a recruitment & selection training session for your university in Leeds, Manchester, London or anywhere in the UK, contact our friendly team today.