Appraisals and Performance Review

It is often said that the success of a performance review or appraisal system is down to the quality of the conversation.

A highly skilled, experienced reviewer can make all the difference to the success of your appraisal system.

It is not unusual for professional services managers to hold regular appraisal or review meetings. It is only relatively recently that academics have been asked to do the same thing. Some are reluctant and others fearful of how to go about it. For this reason, we have developed two workshops. We have worked alongside a number of universities in Leeds, London, Manchester and across the UK to implement their new appraisal systems.

We help develop the communication skills, strategies and techniques to have successful conversations. Our interactive workshops explore poor and best practice and give your reviewers the skills to really understand their colleagues, their motivators, aspirations and challenges. With a greater understanding, they can create and agree appropriate, constructive and stretching objectives.

If you would like to run an Appraisal and Performance Review workshop with Talking Shop, contact us today. Our training is available to universities in Manchester, Leeds, London and the rest of the UK.