We partner with various specialists to provide courses that extend our offering into closely associated and particularly relevant areas to the benefit of our clients. Working in partnership with international law firm Pinsent Masons we are offering open courses that will help you in having a positive performance conversation whilst staying within the law. These courses are available in London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds.  

Improving Performance Management – Theory and Practice

This unique course provides guidance, not just on the key steps to tackling underperformance issues, but also demonstrates the practical skills (in terms of communicating clearly and effectively) required to do this well. The course will show how to - make the most of early, informal intervention in order to secure improvement - clarify the expected standard using a blended, non directive/directive approach - decide when the time has come to progress onto a formal process - deal with reactions from employees (e.g. retaliatory grievances, sick leave, raising issues of stress and disability) Using our "bolder and better" approach to employment law risk, we explain how these problems can be dealt with robustly, avoiding drawn out processes and delay. Who should attend? Encouraging managers to engage in tackling performance issues promptly, effectively and with confidence is a major challenge for HR professionals. This course is suitable for both HR professionals who may wish to adopt this approach in house to coach and influencing their management teams. It is also suitable for managers who have responsibility for performance management within their organisations and would like to improve their knowledge, skills and confidence in this area. For further details and to book please click the following logo - you will be taken to the Pinsent Masons web site.